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Licensing & Permits


The following licences are required to trade in cocoa and cocoa products:

Cocoa Dealers Licence

Required for persons who produce, buy, or otherwise offer for sale, cocoa beans. The main prerequisite for this type of licence is that dealers must exhibit a farm, or production capacity, of at least 20 metric tonnes of cocoa per crop year.

Cocoa Works Licence

Required for persons who process, dry, cure, ferment, clean or otherwise prepare for sale, cocoa beans.

Cocoa Nursery Operator Licence

Required for persons who operate nurseries that plant the recommended varieties of cocoa seedlings for sale to farmers.

To apply for licensing, and get information on fees, click here.


Permits are required to import and release/clear cocoa products into Jamaica.

Requirements for Import Permit

A request for an import permit from JACRA should be made prior to importation, in the form of a letter, setting out the following:

  1. Type of product being imported
  2. Quantity (units, packs or cases). Please note that where product is packaged in cases/packs, the quantity per case/pack is required.
  3. Weight of each product
  4. Importer’s name, address and telephone number

Requirements for Release Permit

A release permit from JACRA will be required to effect clearance of the goods on their arrival in Jamaica. Applications for the necessary release permit should include:

  1. The name of the carrying vessel;
  2. Date of its arrival;
  3. Quantity and type of product arriving;
  4. Copies of the Bill of Lading;
  5. The supplier’s invoice;
  6. Nutritional and product analysis;
  7. The permit number and the date issued.

It is a condition precedent that before a release permit is issued, the importer will be required to pay cess (if any) on the imported goods. The cess will be calculated at the point the request for the release permit is made, and communicated to the importer, who can elect to pay directly at the JACRA office, or by direct deposit.