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The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIBOJ) was established on June 2, 1950, via the Coffee Industry Regulatory Act of 1948, to encourage the development of the coffee industry in Jamaica, and for the promotion of the welfare of the persons engaged therein. After the formal deregulation of the coffee industry in Jamaica in 2000, the CIBOJ was responsible for:

  • Licensing of processors and dealers of coffee
  • Establishing/reviewing quality standards for coffee
  • Certifying coffee for export and sole exporter of green coffee beans
  • Providing advisory services to farmers and other industry stakeholders

The CIBOJ attained ISO 9001:2008 certification, and has utilized the standard to emphasize a systems approach to management, continual improvement and a mutually beneficial supplier relationship.

The Coffee Division of JACRA is ISO 9000:2015 certified.

On January 1, 2018, the functions of the CIBOJ were taken over by the newly formed Jamaica Agricultural Regulatory Authority (JACRA), which is responsible for the regulation, promotion, standardization and development of the agricultural commodities industry.