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    FORM 1D (Regulation 3)


    Note: Please read the following before completing the below form.

    1. This form shall be completed and submitted along with the application processing fee and any specified or supplemental information to –

      Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority
      1 Willie Henry Drive, P.O. Box 508
      Kingston 13
      Jamaica, West Indies
      Telephone No. (876) 758-1259/ 758-2925
      Facsimile: (876) 758-3907

    2. In relation to a new application, the completed form shall be accompanied by –
      1. documents of incorporation;
      2. a list of names and addresses of the applicant’s suppliers and the types of regulated agricultural commodity being supplied; and
      3. a list of the names and addresses of the persons or entities to which the regulated agricultural commodity will be supplied.
    3. This application form must be completed in full order to avoid delays in its processing. Where attached sheets and other technical documents are utilized in lieu of the space provided, indicate appropriate cross-references. Paragraphs that are not applicable to your application should be marked as “N/A”.
    4. If you are in doubt as to any provision of this application form, please consult with a member of the Legal Department of the Authority at telephone Nos. (876)785-1259/758-3903 before completing it.

    Application Type
    Basic Information
    Voters IDDriver's LicensePassportOther
    Company Information
    Attach Documents

    Statement by Applicant

    I/We hereby certify that the information contained in this application and any document submitted to the Authority, are true and completed to the best of my/our knowledge and belief.

    I/We understand that any misrepresentation contained in the form shall lead to discontinuation of the processing of the application and the revocation of any licence granted and may also lead to prosecution. I/We further understand that the licence, if granted, may be suspended or revoked for breach of any of the terms or conditions stipulated therein.